I’ve been seeing this bag a lot. A lot. I’m reading Stylist on the tube Wednesday mornings and it’s always there, among the editorial. That turned my thoughts to the promotion in fashion, or in style.

It’s not the same as selling a washing powder, is it? Or a cereal bar. Or a mobile phone. In those cases, repetition is generally a good thing. What surrounds you becomes familiar and feels trustworthy.

When I saw this bag in a magazine for the first time, I didn’t exactly think: “Oh, wow, that’s a really cool bag, I must have it”, because I generally don’t get excited about mass produced objects with unclear origin. But I definitely thought: “This bag has a cool design that’s sort of bold in this world, where fashion approaches safe blandness, and I appreciate that”.

So what happens when I see the same bag again the next week? And the next? And the next? I will definitely recognize it, it will be familiar to me. But I’m also feeling like ever owning this bag would resemble wearing a silly uniform and making myself a message carrier for a brand, not the expression of me. And I am no slave to a brand! We all want to be unique, don’t we.

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