Went to H&M the other day to try on their Conscious collection. I do applaud them for bringing more sustainability to mainstream fashion, but did not purchase anything. Yet. I feel like I need more information on what have they actually done to have these collection be more sustainable. I don’t want to just jump on a label and cheer on the mention of the word “conscious”.  (Don’t get me wrong, I do see they have published plenty of information on their website. I just need to read it and the fact that I haven’t yet is solely due to my extra busy life).

I believe one important aspect of sustainable fashion is to provide information to the consumers about how exactly the clothes were made and where they come from. I will dig myself into their website soon – expect more posts on this topic!

I am happy they have taken a step towards sustainability and I want them to keep pushing themselves and keep the values that should have been in the core of all fashion production a while ago already.