Blaska Mi Eva is a Macedonian artist and jewelry designer. I love her colourful details, fluid shapes and ideas behind her work that make it so interesting. I asked her a few questions to hear more about her jewelry.

Tell me more about your jewelry.
Being an artist is the best way for me to experiment with anything I want.
Designing jewelry came very natural and it was completely experimental. I have been making jewelry designs for almost 8-9 years. So far I have worked with materials such as: clay, wood, leather, and at the moment I am working with plexyglass.

Together with my sister Sanda Mieva, I have made the accessories for a young fashion designer, this year in april for this Fashion Weekend in Skopje. My jewelry is unique, abstract, extravagant, colourful.. I choose different kinds of inspiration; it depends from my surroundings and influences. Now I am working in the technique mosaic, combining it with modern materials, like the plexyglass, where the main effect is to create a modern piece of jewelry, and yet it is inspired from one of the oldest traditional painting techniques, the mosaic.

What inspires you?
The new concept of my jewelry is inspired from architecture, actually from the architecture of my city, Skopje. The idea is to put some objects, or architectural elements, in a piece of necklase, an earing, or a brooch. In one of my designs I used the ladybug as a symbol of the tourist in our city, the tourist walking through Skopje.

Going further with the archi style, I surpassed my own city, and started to make designs inspired from the whole world. I have taken a peek into our existence, howevevr it is like seen from above. A look from somewhere above, finding where the world is, where we are…The inspiration is from the Earth and the world and it is directed towards them. The streets, objects, the nature as seen from above… The world has its own order/disorder. But, of course, I am making an abstract map of the city… the world.. the Earth… That’s the reason why the name of the collection is “Mosaic Maps”.

With these kinds of pieces I will take part at Mikser Festival in Belgrad this month, and at Sofia Design Week in june.

What is your favorite piece of your jewelry?

I don’t think I have a favourite piece of jewelry because all the things I make represent a part of me.

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