A little while back I wrote about the Eco-fashion week in Vancouver. One of my favourites there was SVENSK, so now I’m really excited to post my interview with the designer, Diana Svensk 


What was it like to start with SVENSK?

OMG! Starting SVENSK was so exciting. The first year was just a long party. I basically didn’t sleep or eat; I was totally consumed by my ideas. The hangover came year 2 when I realized that I had completely overestimated the importance of the efforts I’d made year 1. I was like “wow, I really suck at this” haha… Somehow I managed to push through though and the business completely turned around year 3. But it’s still very much a learning process.

What are your design ideals? Goals?

I realized with myself that my processes are completely different depending on what I’m creating. When I’m feeling anxious, sad or inadequate, I get this huge need to write down my thoughts and feelings. But when I’m excited or happy my mind becomes a lot more visual. I perceive, process and create things through images instead. So the mood I’m in when I designing or painting is almost always a happy one, and I think you can tell in the end product!
Since my process works this way, you can continue to expect a lot of quirkiness, patterns colors and unexpected mixes of fabrics in my future collections too:) And ofc a lot of Knitwear!


However, if design and business is the mission, the tool, the real purpose for me have always been to make an impact on the world. I want to shake up the industry and show that it’s possible to do good – and be a profitable, growing business. I don’t want to sound pretentious, but I’m also very, very humble to the fact of how extremely ridiculously lucky I have been just to be born where I was so I can say “I want to make an impact”. To be able to follow my passion(s), meet all the incredible people that I meet… Sometimes it’s hard to understand how I could be this fortunate.

What does the future hold for SVENSK?

Love and happiness! There’s so many things, but one of the key things I really wish for us this year is that people continue to engage in our cause/designs/brand. I just quite recently started to use Social Media (I’m @dianasvensk on Twitter btw where I alternate Swedish and English and @svenskfashion for more businessy tweets – follow us!) and have been overwhelmed by how rewarding it has been to be in the mist of engaging conversations and getting valuable input from actual customers.

As an extension of our online presence we’re launching a Youtube show in the end of May. I can’t say to much about it yet except the topics are going to be quite unexpected:) I’d love to get back on that one a month from now!

And finally, please share a funny or weird story, that has happened to you while starting your own label

Haha… I have hundreds, no kidding! But one of the more funny stories must still be back when I was doing one of the first “real” productions that was going out to retailers in Stockholm. I’d manage to sell several thousands hats on pre-order and was going to produce them in a small factory on the west coast of Sweden. I placed the order in early May, and delivery was in September. Two weeks before delivery (!) I get an email from the factory owner which said that the only employee, the seamstress, had been in a car accident and couldn’t work for a while. To understand this story you have to know that the industry for textile in Sweden is almost non-existent and to find another seamstress to make the production in time was impossible. At first I was freaking out but then I realized I had to pull it together, so I drove down 6 hours to the factory and spent two weeks in solitude, days and nights, finishing the whole production myself. Everything was 3/4 done so most of the work that was left was to pull the hats together… My hands were pretty sore a while after that lol!! But the hats made it out in time:)



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