One thing I want to turn attention to here is eco-fashion. It’s a topic close to my heart. I can’t really stand to go to shopping centers and see the piles of low-quality clothes there. It’s really a crime to produce something, that exhausts the natural environment that much.

I went on a hunt around the depths of internet to find companies that produce eco-friendly clothing and two things stood out.

First, eco clothes that are made, are quite boring. Of course it makes sense to produce quality clothes that are wearable in a large scale of situations. What would be better for environment than that? But still, I have a secret wish that clothes would take the wearer on a little adventure. Inspire somehow.

Second, most of the companies’ websites that I opened, have their last collection dating two or three years ago. What’s wrong? Did they go out of business? Is eco-fashion just not profitable or hard to market? Are all the eco-fashion designers just collectively bad at updating their websites?

These are some issues I would like to shed some light on in the future.